Monkey Business SA was created by Tom Maxwell to accommodate separate and distinct entities in the Australian wine industry.

Tom has worked in the wine industry for over 30 years in sales and sales management; and also spent time managing retail liquor brands in South Australia. He has an Associate Diploma in wine marketing from Adelaide University.

The philosophy behind Monkey Business is to be an independent conduit for growers and contract makers as not all growers wish to be makers and, likewise, not all winemakers wish to have wine brands. Monkey Business fills the void.

We have not only developed, but also acquired small brands in order to service a growing need for alternative and non-mainstream products to hotels, restaurants and wine stores in South Australia. Currently the growers we source fruit from are in the Adelaide Hills at Macclesfield and the Clare Valley in the mid north.

We also operate Wine World Distributors in South Australia to distribute our wines.

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